Today candy fans, we have got a good old fashioned slobber-knocker.  Two of the oldest and most loved candy concoctions ever created will duke it out for choco-cherry supremacy.  In one corner, created in 1918 and hailing from Saint Joseph, Missouri, the Chase Candy Co’s best seller, the CHERRY MASH.  And the opponent, created in 1923 and hailing from the great plains of Sioux City, Iowa, Palmer Candy Co’s, the TWIN BING.  Let’s get it started!


Cherry Mash vs Twin Bing Candy Bar

PACKAGING:  The Cherry Mash wrapper looks pretty dang good.  I like how the design kind of pops out at you and the color is brighter than the Twin Bing.  When looking at the two side by side, my eye is always drawn towards the Cherry Mash.  As a bonus, the Cherry Mash wrapper has two recipes on the back of it for making “Cherry Mash Milk Shakes” and “Cherry Mash Sundaes”.  Very cool.

When it comes to the opponent, the Twin Bing name is extremely enticing.  If you’re going on value, who can argue against getting two pieces of candy verses one?  That alone is a huge draw for a lot of people.  I know when I was a kid and somebody asked me if I wanted two pieces of candy or one, it was a no brainer.  TWO PLEASE. The wrapper and logo on the Twin Bing is a little dull however, so this one is a draw.

Winner: TIE

APPEARANCE:  The Cherry Mash when you open it, just looks like a big ole hunk of chocolate covered in chopped nuts.  Plain and simple.  It looks good, it looks appetizing, and it looks like something I want to eat.  Both the Mash and the Bing are filled with a type of cherry nougat filling that is brightly colored.

When you pull out the Twin Bing, well, bluntly, it looks like a dog turd.  The peanuts are more finely chopped in the Bing and the exterior of the chocolate looks extremely oily.  This was confirmed later when I placed the two competitors side by side on a sheet of paper and when I picked them up 5 minutes later, there was a big greasy oil mark on the Twin Bing side.  For what it’s worth, the fourth ingredient listed on the Twin Bing is that dreaded cheapo chocolate filler, Palm Kernel Oil.  It’s the 11th ingredient listed for the Mash.


Twin Bing Cherry Bing Cherry Mash Candy

TASTE: When you bite into the Cherry Mash, the first thing you get, as expected, is a cherry flavor.  And it is strong.  The flavor in the Mash tastes like maraschino cherries and almost over powers the chocolate.  The chocolate exterior of the Mash is definitely just the delivery vehicle for the cherry filler in this case.

In the Twin Bing on the other hand, the chocolate and nuts have a much more noticeable flavor when you eat it.  This is because the cherry flavor is a lot more subtle and not overpowering the other ingredients.


Overall:  When it comes down to it, candy is for eating, not looking at.  And for that reason, my favorite between these two is the TWIN BING.  I will however recommend the Cherry Mash to those candy fans out there that are big fans of the maraschino cherry flavor.

If you have any more ideas for the next candy throwdown I should do, leave it in the comments!